The Best 11 Destinations For Solo Travel To Visit This Year

Traveling alone is a wonderful experience but many people are afraid of solo travel. The main reason why many people avoid solo travel is that they are concerned for their safety. Therefore, in this article, we will give you 11 destinations for solo travel that are quite safe.

Solo travel is extremely fun, amusing, and rewarding. It opens up a new whole world in front of you. The whole world becomes your house and there is no one and nothing to hold you from exploring it with solo travel. If you are a fan of traveling, these destinations for solo travel will give you an enriching pleasant experience that you will never forget. Besides, they are some of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. Go ahead and pick up your next destination.

  1. Tunisia

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Tunisia is a beautiful country situated in North Africa. It is known for its beautiful coastal cities that contain some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tunisia is not only safe but it is also one of the most progressive and liberal Muslim countries in the world.

In Tunisia, you will discover a completely new culture. There, you will be amazed by the beauty of mosques, the life of souks (markets), and the distinctiveness of Islamic and French colonial art exhibits. After that, you can enjoy a swim in the Tunisian sandy Mediterranean beaches with crystal clear blue water.

Tunisia is a safe destination for both male and female travelers. It is the best country to discover a unique combination of Arabic and African cultures.


2. Germany

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German people are known for their hospitality and their kindness. Besides, the country is one of the safest countries in Europe and the world. This destination guarantees you fun. In addition to the famous breweries, you will enjoy all types of festivals year-round such as beer festivals and the famous Oktoberfest.

The architecture of Germany is also beautiful. You will see cobbled streets, historical castles and gorgeous vineyards. Germany is adorable and you will love everything about it. Besides, it is one of the most romantic destinations for couples. 


3. Sweden

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What not to love about Sweden? Sweden is fun whether it is warm or cold. There are a lot of activities to do in Sweden including cycling and skiing. Besides the huge beautiful buildings, in Sweden, you will enjoy nature. This extremely safe country contains many acres of forest and endless lakes. These make Sweden one of the most recommended destinations for solo travel.


4. Canada

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Canada is a destination you can visit all year round. Whether you are seeking nature, history, or natural resources, you will definitely find them in Canada. For a scenic natural view, explore the  Niagara Falls. For fun, you can go skiing, horse riding, or even climbing. The fun is endless in Canada.

However, if you prefer the fun that cities offer, you should stop by Toronto, Vancouver or Quebec. There, you will definitely fall in love with their quaint boutiques, exquisite cafes, theaters, extensive art exhibits, and cinema. Nightlife is extraordinary in Canada. There are plenty of nightclubs, nudity clubs, jazz clubs and most of all, extremely fancy-bars that serve mind-blowing cocktails.


5. Netherlands

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Netherlands or Holland is one of the most charming destinations for solo travel and couples travel. If you are planning on traveling to Europe, you should definitely stop by Holland. You will be fascinated by the cobbled roads and farmers markets in Maastricht. If you are seeking fun, you should definitely try ice skating on the canals. You will never forget your visit to the Netherlands.


6. Ireland

The Best 11 Destinations For Solo Travel To Visit This Year

Ireland will make you fall in love with its history and culture. The castles and villages in Ireland will take your breath away. You will enjoy a happy simple life there. The food is delicious and the pubs are great. However, if you don’t enjoy tranquility, go to Dublin and you will be definitely entertained by the Irish music scene.


7. Japan

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Japan is an amazing country and you will certainly enjoy every minute you spend there. The sushi in Japan is fabulous and it will make you feel like you have never tasted it before. This exotic country will kindly open its temples, farmers markets, and museums to you.


8. Vietnam

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Although this country was the place of one of the most brutal and devastating wars in history, its natural beauty didn’t end with the war. This country contains some extensive coastline and jungles that will blow your mind. Vietnamese are very humble and they like tourists. They will always be kind to you.


9. Laos

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Laos is a must-see country. This natural wonder will give you a fabulous time. You will be impressed by the diverse cultures in Laos and by its rich royal history. This southern Asian country is also one of the safest destinations.


10. Costa Rica

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This country has no armed forces. That is enough to say about its safety and security. This lovely country will offer you some scenic natural view that you will never forget. Besides, the people are humble and extremely nice and friendly to tourists.


11. Austria

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Whether you are a fan of urban lifestyle or country lifestyle, you will enjoy Austria. This country has a pretty combination of both styles for you. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it will make remember every minute you spend in it.


These are the best 11 destinations for solo travel. These destinations are beautiful, fun, and budget-friendly. You will love each one of them. These destinations should be on top of your list of places to visit in 2019.

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