15 Natural Makeup Ideas For All Occasions

Natural makeup is very popular because there are several advantages to having it. First of all, it is easy to do. Second, it does not require much time. Third and most of all, it accentuates your best facial features. Regardless of the color of your skin and eyes, natural makeup ideas will make you stand out. Therefore, in this article, we have collected 15 of the best natural makeup ideas. Go ahead and take a look, you will love them.

  1. Winged eyeliner with soft makeup

Natural Makeup Ideas 1

This is one of the simplest natural makeup ideas. This makeup, although it is simple, is quite stunning. You can wear this makeup for any occasion. It is not dramatic and it will beautifully highlight your facial features. This makeup idea consists of creating a winged eye look with black eyeliner around the eyes. You can add cream blush and a nude lipstick for an elegant look.

2. Simple Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup Ideas 2

This makeup idea involves clear mascara for long lashes, natural cream blush, and nude lipstick. It will not only highlight your natural features but also brighten and enhance them. Don’t forget the black eyeliner to add a dramatic effect to your look.

3. Natural Makeup With Smokey Eyes

Natural Makeup Ideas 3

Nude makeup and smokey eyes are a perfect combination to achieve a sexy look. You can create soft smokey eyes using black eyeliner and mascara. For your eyelids, you should blend a cream color and peach eyeshadow. Use natural lip balm on your lips and you will have an astonishing sexy look for special occasions and nights out.

4. Clean and fresh natural makeup ideas

Natural Makeup Ideas 4

It is quite easy to achieve this youthful charming appearance. This lovely look requires less than 10 minutes of your time to be done. All you need to do is to apply your foundation to achieve a natural, healthy glow and then simply elongate your lashes with lengthening mascara.

When it comes to the lipstick, it is up to you to choose. However, we recommend something that complements this look such as matte lipsticks.

5. Black Liquid Eyeliner

Natural Makeup Ideas 5

This is one of the loveliest natural makeup ideas. This look is quite simple and it requires neither much time nor much effort. Your smooth natural look requires black liquid eyeliner above your eye and nude lipstick to become stunning. Apply these and you will have a sophisticated sleek appearance. This makeup idea is perfect for office, parties, and dates.

6. Bright Natural makeup

Natural Makeup Ideas 6

No matter what kind of coming event you have, this makeup idea is perfect for it. This makeup idea consists of applying cream blusher to your skin to give it a soft and romantic glow. You don’t need to apply anything to your eyes unless you want to elongate your lashes, then, you should apply mascara. For your lips, use a pale pink lipstick.

This makeup idea will not only highlight your facial features but it will also preserve your skin and show how beautiful your cheekbones are.

7. Natural makeup ideas for blue-green eyes

Natural Makeup Ideas 7

Having blue-green eyes is a blessing. They are naturally beautiful and attractive. They only need a glow foundation to be more remarkable and eye-grabbing. For your lips, use pink or shimmery lipstick as they perfectly compliment your look. Apply cream shadow eyelid for a natural effect. You can find fabulous makeup ideas for blue eyes in this post.

8. Glitter Lip Gloss

Natural Makeup Ideas 8

This is one of the most romantic natural makeup ideas. It is perfect for date nights. Your date will definitely love your romantic natural look. This makeup ideas are not only for Asian-shaped eyes. No matter how your eyes are shaped, this makeup idea will make you look terrific. Follow the below steps to apply it:

  • Apply your foundation using glow powder
  • Apply eyeliner and mascara
  • Apply peach or pink lip balm

Wear one of the sexy club outfits with your makeup and you will definitely drive your date crazy.

9. Natural makeup dramatic look

Natural Makeup Ideas 9

This makeup idea is perfect for girls who want to have a dramatic look. This look is not only dramatic but also super cute. It is easy to achieve this look. You only need to follow the below instructions:

  • Use natural liquid foundations  as a base
  • Apply a thin line of black eyeliner above your eyes
  • lengthen your lashes with a clear mascara
  • Apply nude matte lipstick

10. Natural makeup ideas for blue eyes

Natural Makeup Ideas 10

Natural makeup is the best makeup for blue eyes. It highlights the beauty of your icy blue eyes. Besides, natural makeup for blue eyes is easy. It only requires that you apply a thin line of eyeliner above your eye and a bit of mascara. For your lipsticks, use something light such as pink or nude.

11. Natural summer makeup

Natural Makeup Ideas 11

If you have full lips like the model in the picture, it is highly recommended that you use a warm color for your lips. Check out these fabulous red lipsticks looks for inspiration. 

12. Natural Liquid Lipstick

Natural Makeup Ideas 12

This is one of the easiest natural makeup ideas. If you want to have this gorgeous appearance, follow the below steps:

  • Put on some light foundation
  • Apply natural liquid lipstick

13. Sexy natural makeup

Natural Makeup Ideas 13

You should go for this makeup if you want to show your femininity and sexuality. To create this gorgeous hot look, you will need to apply eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and matte foundations.

14. Natural Makeup  With Simple Glow

Natural Makeup Ideas 14

Sometimes, you only need mascara and lipstick. They are light simple but quite effective in making any girl look attractive and lovely.

15. Sexy Eyes

Natural Makeup Ideas 15

If you are striving for a natural makeup look but you still have doubts, go for this one. It is very light and soft. Add some eyeshadows and mascara to your eyes and pink or red lipstick to your lips.


These are the best natural makeup ideas. These ideas are fabulous and they will definitely make you look not only attractive but also charming. You should definitely try some of these ideas. They are perfect for all occasions and all ages.

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