15 Most Romantic Destinations For Couples

Couples need romantic vacations to revive their love and passion. There are many romantic and beautiful place that a couple can spend their vacation in. In order to help you choose, we have selected 15 romantic destinations for you. These destinations are perfect to enjoy your time together as a couple.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

15 Most Romantic Destinations For Couples

Amsterdam should be on top of your list of romantic destinations. This city is magical any time in the year. It offers couples a lot of choices for a romantic gateway. This glowing city that is distinguished by its bright lights and beautiful canals is perfect for couples to walk hand in hand and in a romantic mood.

2. Ashford, Washington

Romantic Destinations

Ashford Washington is the perfect place for couples to enjoy a quiet time together. The place is adorable and couples can do a lot of activities there. Most couples choose to spend their vacation in Ashford in Mt Rainier Couples Cabin. It is cheaper than hotels and more romantic.


3. Canouan, Grenadines

Romantic Destinations

There are a million reasons why every couple should go to Canouan at least once in their lives. This Island is extremely beautiful and relaxing. It is all about fun in Canouan. It contains excellent hotels and resorts, amazing beaches, and a lot of trips.


4. Elmau, Germany

Romantic Destinations

Elmau is a magical place and one of the best romantic destinations. It is located in the Bavarian Alps and it has some spectacular views. Any couple that goes to Elmau come closer to each other. This calm place is unique and it is pleasant for both adults and kids.


5. Gozo, Malta

Romantic Destinations

Gozo, Malta is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Gozo is an amazing destination for couples. In Gozo, besides the scenic views, the people are extremely nice and kind to tourists. It is also a very affordable destination.

6. Maui, Hawaii

Romantic Destinations

Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island. It is not only one of the most romantic destinations for couples, but also one of the most entertaining ones. The possibilities of fun are endless in Maui. You can hike, swim, walk, dive, and visit museums,


7. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Romantic Destinations

All couples who have been in Nantucket, Massachusetts expressed their satisfaction about their stay. This small island is a paradise for couples. There are a lot of places to see in Nantucket and a lot of activities to do including sailing, fishing, biking, and swimming.

8. Napa Valley, California

Romantic Destinations

Napa Valley, California is the perfect place for romance, love, and passion. It is a very natural destination that will revive all your feelings. If you want to run away from the everyday grind, you should head to the charming Napa Valley.

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

Romantic Destinations

New Orleans is one of the trendiest romantic destinations for couples. Many couples started to spend their holidays and vacations there because New Orleans is truly a lovely place. There is a lot of romantic stuff that you can do in New Orleans such as:

  • Dinner Cruise on the Mississippi River
  • Sightseeing Bus Tour in the Crescent City
  • French Quarter Carriage Ride

10. Niagara Falls, New York

Romantic Destinations

Spending some time in Niagara Falls with your partner will definitely give a new flame to your relationship. Besides the beauty and the charm of the place, you can share with bae a lot of entertaining and romantic activities including:

  • Have dinner with a view
  • Kiss under the stars
  • Walk down Devil’s Hole at Devil’s Hole State Park


11. Noto, Italy

Romantic Destinations

Noto is the capital of the enchanting Italian state Sicily. It is distinguished by its Baroque architecture. It contains outstanding churches and narrow alleys. Because of its spectacular old artistic architecture, Noto is protected by the UNESCO. However, if you don’t like crowded places, you should avoid visiting at summer.

12. Paris, France

Romantic Destinations

This is the most common romantic destination for couples. Paris, the city of love, is the perfect place for a romantic vacation. It has everything from poetic parks and gardens to fascinating panoramas and fancy restaurants. If you want a breathtaking time with your love, you should go to Paris.


13. San Francisco, California

Romantic Destinations

San Francisco, the city by the bay, is a wonderful place to spend some romantic days with your partner. Whatever your taste and definition of fun and romance are, you will definitely find something suitable in San Francisco. San Francisco will take your breath away by its iconic landmarks and monuments, a picturesque bay and delicious food and wine.

14. Santorini, Greece

Romantic Destinations

Santorini is a splendid place for couples to have a nice together and add more romance and passion to their relationship. Besides enjoying the lovely views and the pretty beaches, there are a lot of pleasant activities that couples can do at Santorini such as:

  • Watch an Oia sunset at Ambrosia restaurant
  • Have a sunset dinner overlooking Nea Kameni at Naoussa
  • Ooze in a volcano-side mud bath

15. Savannah, Georgia

Romantic Destinations

Savannah is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. If you are looking for romance, you will find it in every corner of this unforgettable city.

These are the most romantic destinations for couples. These destinations will offer a breathtaking relaxing vacation. If you are looking for a destination for your honeymoon, anniversary, or wedding, you should definitely pick one of these places.

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