12 Astonishing Christmas Destinations You Should Visit

If you are not sure where to spend your Christmas vacation, you came to the right place. In this article, we included 12 astonishing Christmas destinations you should visit. These destinations are extremely romantic and festive. They are the perfect destinations to spend Christmas with someone you love.

  1. ChicagoChristmas Destinations 1

Chicago, United States is a terrific destination to spend Christmas. Many parts of this amazing city offer extraordinary Christmas lights. Although Winter is very cold in Chicago, this City is definitely worth spending Christmas in. You will enjoy heartfelt traditions, from tree-lighting ceremonies and wreathings


2. Barbados

Christmas Destinations 2

Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is the perfect destination to spend Christmas at a hot sunny place. In this religious Christian Island Christmas is an extremely important event, thus you will definitely celebrate it in a very special way. However, you will miss the snow.


3.  Quebec City

Christmas Destinations 3

Quebec City, Canada is ranked one of the best Christmas Destinations. This city becomes magical at Christmas. Going there means that you will enjoy a fabulous scene of lights, decorations, and snow. There are a lot of places to see on Christmas in Quebec such as Christmas markets and Petit Champlain District.



4. Colorado

Christmas Destinations 4

Christmas in Colorado, United States is special. AT Christmas, this lovely city offers you a spectacular view that you shouldn’t miss. People in Colorado are always excited about celebrating this holiday. There, you will not enjoy Christmas lights but you will also enjoy seeing decorated homes, shops, and even cars.



5. Cincinnati

Christmas Destinations 5

Cincinnati, United States is the perfect destination to enjoy a spectacular Christmas show. There are not enough words to describe how beautiful Cincinnati is at Christmas. This city has it all. If you want to see some tunnel of lights, go to the Cincinnati Zoo. For Botanical Gardens, stop by the Fountain Square.



6. Saint Paul

Christmas Destinations 6

This is one of the most recommended Christmas destinations. Saint Paul, United States guarantees you an unforgettable Christmas. The city is extremely beautiful and at Christmas, it becomes totally white. There are a lot of fun activities there at Christmas. Moreover, the food is great.



7. Detroit

Christmas Destinations 7

A Christmas at Detroit, United States should be at the top of your list of things to do. This city becomes festively alive during the Christmas holiday. It one of the most popular Christmas destinations for both couples and families. Besides the beauty of the city, The Detroit Zoo hold some fun and exciting activities every Christmas holiday.



8. Ann Arbor

Christmas Destinations 8

This lovely American city holds a variety of holiday events and Christmas is one of the best ones. Christmas at Ann Arbor features German foods, sweets, beverages. live music, fire pits, and astonishing Christmas lights. If you want to have fun At Christmas, you should spend it in Ann Arbor.


9. Boston


Christmas destinations 9

Christmas transforms Boston into a fascinating city. In fact, this city becomes a wonderland of Christmas lights and spirits. This city is already beautiful and Christmas lights, decorations, music, food, and shows make this an irresistible place to spend this amazing holiday.



10. West Village

Christmas Destinations 10

West Village, United States is one of the most budget-friendly Christmas destinations. The best time to visit this adorable place is Christmas. Nothing can go wrong with your Christmas holiday at this marvelous small city.



11.  Ellicottville

Christmas Destinations 11

Ellicottville, New York is definitely one of the most romantic Christmas destinations. This destination celebrates Christmas in an old-fashioned way. You will feel like you are a character of a black and white movie. There, you will experience Christmas in a fresh exciting way.


12. Austin

Christmas Destinations 12

If you go to Austin for Christmas, you will never regret making this decision. You will definitely love the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park and the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.


These are the best Christmas destinations. These destinations become wonderlands of beauty, festivity, and lights at Christmas. You will definitely enjoy every second of your Christmas holiday in these places.

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