10 Breathtaking Destinations To Spend New Year’s Eve

If you want to have a great New Year’s Eve, you are then in the right place. In this articles, we will display 10 breathtaking destinations to spend the New Year’s Eve. These destinations have a good reputation of throwing spectacular new year’s eves. Heading to one of these destinations to celebrate the new year will offer you an unforgettable experience.

  1. Sydney

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The beautiful capital of Australia throws a fascinating New year’s eve. Sydney celebrates the new year’s eve with a lot of beautiful fireworks at the Sydney harbor. Moreover, Sydney contains a lot of beautiful beaches such as Manly, Bondi, and Bronte and the weather is hot there. After new year’s eve celebration, you can enjoy a  lovely swim in one of these beaches.

2. Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most breathtaking destinations to celebrate new year’s eve. In Dubai, you can find the tallest building in the world, Burj  Khalifa. This building is one of the most astonishing buildings in the world and it is considered the most charming skyscraper in the world.

Dubai is also one of the most tourist attracting destinations as it is known for containing some stunning building, amazing malls, and fabulous restaurants. However, this destination is not among the budget-friendly destinations.

3. Bangkok

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If you are into nightlife, you should definitely go to Bangkok. Bangkok is a beautiful city and on new year’s eve, it is very crowded, noisy and full of life. People come from around the world to gather in different spots in Bangkok such as the Asiatique shopping and entertainment area and CentralWorld Plaza.

4. Moscow

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If you don’t mind cold weather, you should spend this new year’s eve in Moscow. This chilly city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The new year’s Eve celebration features a great display of colorful fireworks. Moscow is a very appealing city with some stunning historic buildings such as

5. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful destinations to spend the new year’s eve. Hong Kong will offer you some scenic views that you will never forget. Besides, the fascinating fireworks display, there is a lot of entertaining place in Hong Kong where people gather to drink, eat and have fun.

6. Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is definitely one of the best destinations to spend the new year’s eve. Las Vegas is a fabulous city and it is one of the most popular places for honeymoons. This gorgeous festive city will offer you an unforgettable new year’s eve that features fireworks, festivals and a lot of parties.

However, Las Vegas is a very popular new year’s Eve destination, make sure that you book your reservation early otherwise you may not find a place to stay at.

7. Cape Town

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Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In Cape Town, you will enjoy a festive new year’s eve celebration. After the celebration, you may want to explore this wonderful city that contains a lot of scenic sights. Besides, the food there is terrific.

8. New York

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New York is one of the most popular destinations to spend new year’s eve. The celebration that takes place at Times Square in Manhattan is so beautiful that is broadcast on several T.V channels all over the world. It distinguished by the breathtaking scenery of the ball drop.

If you don’t like a crowded place you should avoid the times square as there will be at least 1 million people. You can try other less crowded places such as Grand Army Plaza and Resorts World Casino.

9. London

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London is one of the most romantic destinations to spend new year’s eve. This remarkable city offers a festive and entertaining new year’s eve. There are a lot of gathering places in London but we recommend to watch the fireworks from Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill, or Alexandra Palace.

10. Rio de Janeiro

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is also an extremely popular destination to spend the new year’s eve. Every year, Rio receives around 1 million people to witness the festive celebration. The celebration features fireworks and musical performances.

These are the best destinations to spend new year’s eve. These destinations are very beautiful, charming and most of all festive. They will give you an unforgettable new year’s eve celebration.

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